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We offer car servicing for any car at any time at the lowest possible price from minor scratches to dents, from car paint wear and tear to bumper damage. We also clean the interiors and exteriors of the car, AC repair, battery installation so that your car shines brighter than ever.

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Looking for the best deal on a used car? Here, with a wide selection of budget-friendly pre-owned vehicles and a team of experienced salespeople who are dedicated to finding you the perfect car, we're confident you'll find exactly what you're looking for. So why settle for anything less? Visit us today and start your next adventure!

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Chelton Berliew


I had an unbelievably amazing experience during my service! I was treated with the upmost respect and understanding! From the moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile, Sarah took incredible care of me. My vehicle is running good as new and I’m so thankful for Mile High Honda’s help! It was a pleasure and I will be sure to come back again for my next service! P.S. Sarah deserves a raise, she is a natural with customers and exudes amazing energy! I truly do not have enough words to express how spectacular she is; as an employee and a person!

Scott Al-Safin


We had a poor experience at Mile High Honda. In the market for a new 22-23 Civic, we discovered Mile High Honda is taking advantage of current car market demand by adding 20% of car’s MSRP in aftermarket accessories to all new vehicles. These accessories are window tint, black emblems, and something called an HPD package (adds a spoiler and some extra trim.) The result is your $25,000 car quickly goes to $31,444 car (before tax yuck.) Add in your dealer handling fees, your destination charges, your tax, and you are somehow at luxury car prices for a Honda Civic with some aesthetic upgrades that do nothing to increase value of car. Knowing the current market, we were willing to discuss paying full MSRP for a car, but not the full asking price of these unadvertised and exorbitantly priced upgrades (that had not even been installed on the car.) We would have settled for something like paying at cost for these upgrades.) Instead, we were offered $500 off and were told, “.. we know it’s a crazy market for cars, but if we can mark up these cars with overpriced accessories and get away with it, we are going to do so as long as we possibly can. So thanks for stopping by.” We live about 10 minutes away and have been here several times since 2012. We were excited to grow our relationship with this dealer, but with our past few visits (trying to find a new car and our 3 hr wait to get an oil change from service dept), it seems like this dealer has gone downhill and I doubt we’ll be back. One star goes to all the friendly salespeople, but thanks, no thanks Mike High Honda.



Shady... I was given an "estimate" for my oil change, and when the cost was higher, the agent pointed to disposal fees, etc. that are "always an additional charge." If those charges are consistently charged with EVERY oil change, include that with the estimate, or explain verbally to your customers that there are additional costs involved. On top of that, I arrived early but still waited over 90 minutes past my scheduled appointment for a simple oil change, as I already declined additional services in advance. The service advisor was on her personal cell phone when I approached the desk, then explained that my car was ready but she had been too busy to come find me... I can handle absent customer service, but dishonest business is simply unacceptable - be transparent with your customers. I will drive the distance to visit a different Honda dealership.

Kathlyn Ross


I was searching for a nice SUV for my daughters first car. I saw this great Honda CR-V for a decent price. I called the dealership, spoke with Steve Bunker. Steve was so kind and easy to work with. I have owned over 10 vehicles in my life and working with Steve and Aaron Fun was the most simple easy experience I have ever had when buying a car at a dealership. These guys break that stereotype of buying a car taking all day.

nick hoffman


I traded in my 2018 Accord with 26000 miles on it thinking I was getting a similar newer model. They told me that the computer wasn't hooked up yet on the 2022 so I couldn't see the functions on the radio or safety features. I basically got a base model even tho it's the special edition. Really nothing special on this model of the accord. I went in 1 day after I bought it and the sales manager Bob was pretty rude to me and my wife about the sale. Bob told us the GM would give us a call the following Monday, we never got a call from Mile High Honda. This is my 3rd car I bought from Mile High Honda but after this I will not buy or even get my car serviced at this location. I never write reviews but I want people to watch out for Mile high Honda. From what my experience was they were dishonest to me rude and never got a follow up call. A lot has changed since I bought my Accord from them in 2018.

Long Nguyen


Car itself was fine and I ended up buying from here. However, there were several mechanical and minor exterior items that needed to be addressed but the dealership couldn't figure things out forcing me to drive back and forth several times to get them resolved. Now the temp tag is expiring and now they are giving me the run around to get a new one. Would not recommend this dealership for its customer service

Ed Avila Jr


Bait and switch? Or inept sales and administration? You be the judge. Too bad I can't do zero stars. All I know is I am glad my money is staying with me instead of this dealership. Got calls from their office about financing, etc etc, pictures of the car I was getting, all before lunch. Then when I was about to leave early from work to go pick it up, "they say they sold it" and tried to pawn off one in a different color. That's like saying I'd like to buy a pair of jeans from a store and the salesman says sorry we sold the last pair you wanted but, you can buy these speedos for the walk home. So yeah in a span of a few hours I had a new car, to no car.



Told for days I'd get a text/call when a car I was interested in became available, car became available, and to their credit they did contact me. On the other hand, they had no respect for my time; even though I told them I was on my way and showed up within 30 mins the vehicle was already sold to someone else who had been looking at it for who knows how long. May just be the luck of the draw, but failing to communicate that they couldn't guarantee I'd even get a chance to see the car much less have an opportunity to purchase it is a frustration that probably rules out putting in the effort to shop with Mile High Honda ever again.